Thursday, May 26, 2011

6 Times the Fun!

So I've been lazy lately and quite honestly, tired of blogging everyday about something small. If I'm going to take the time to blog, I want it to actually entertain the reader. That being said, I'm promptly one week behind on my "100 Days" quest. And you know what, I'm OK with that, because I'm actually in the mood to blog. So, there you have it. Now let's get started ,I have a lot of ground to cover. Maybe I'll just fly on through some of this info ;)

21: Something I wish I could forget.... OK.. now bare with me here.. When I was little I had this thing where I would/could memorize things easily, Bible verses etc.. but number sequences were especially fun. SOMEHOW I managed to see an un-named person's SSN and memorized it. I have never forgotten it. To this day it creeps me out that I have this piece of information in my head and I would love nothing more than to forget it. The problem is.. you can't forget something you want to forget... It's really frustrating. Don't think I'm a creeper. I promise I will never steal this person's identity. I like to think that I'm mistaken and that I actually don't remember a SSN...

22.Something I never leave the house without.


Perhaps an obvious choice, but let me explain. I'm a very forgetful person. Short term, not long term (See above explanation) So, what I mean by this is, I'm likely to forget most anything else... I've forgotten my phone, my keys, my purse, even my wedding rings... but truth be told, I've never left the house naked.  Not something I ever intend on trying either........

23:My favorite book. That's a ridiculous question.. Who could pick one.

If I choose to be super spiritual and choose La Biblia... I'd still have to break it down.. it would go something like this.

Ah hem...

Old Testament.. wait not that's not specific enough... Ok from the Pentateuch: Genesis. Histories: Esther. Prophets: Minor: Hosea    Major: Isaiah.
New Testament: still too broad... Gospels: John  Epistles: still to vaugue... I'll just pick Second Corinthians...

Christian Fiction: Mystery suspense: Adam by Ted Dekker
Christian Fiction: Historical Fiction: Redeeming Love

Regular Fiction: Well I'm torn here too.. I like the Twilight series, but depending on my mood my favorites go back and forth within the series...

Just thought I'd throw this in here for you all... Clearly I'm team Edward. Enjoy.

I also love, Water for Elephants, Poisonwood Bible, too many to choose from...

YOU SEE THE ISSUE- I set tiny favorites within boundaries. Clearly I'm indecisive to a fault.

24: Picture of someone I miss.

G-Norma. Enough said. I wish we lived closer to each other. It stinks that we don't....

25: Photo of me from last year:

On our honeymoon in Jurassic Park. We didn't get eaten.

And................ 26: A photo of something that means a lot to me.

I've spent WAY too much time thinking about what is important to me, and I'm to tired to think of an answer that isn't either obvious, or something I haven't covered already. 

So..... I choose...


Vital to my life.

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