Monday, June 6, 2011

Procrastination Nation

It's way too easy to get behind when you're "committed" to do something everyday. The very next day you are behind again. It happens every time.. So, being that i"m a serial procrastinater (get it paternally), I'm just going to whiz right on through some of this until I can get to my next post about my fun weekend. Stay tuned for that. 

I last ended on day 26 I think... Luckily for me days 27-34 were pretty boring and I don't mind skipping them, I mean honestly, what if my 'favorite night' happened when I was 12?? I don't have a photo for that. Moving on... I'll start with Day 34 so I'm like one of the cool kids and feel all accomplished and caught up.

Day 35- A photo of my hometown.

I give you...... Laurel, MS.

Google didn't give a very good selection of photos, so this is the best we have...
Laurel is great and I miss it sometimes, but I do much prefer living in a place where there is more to do/experience.

Starkville, MS
Home of

And the Cotton District among other things.

Always something to do and likely some live music to hear. I love it here.

Moving on..

Day 36: A photo of my pet.
I only have a fish. His name is whale... he looks something like this:

Day 37: A photo taken at school. hmmm.. High school, JC or University??
University... I don't want to remember too much of high school..

Unmistakeably at school. I'm second from the left who looks like I'm auditioning for an Old Navy commercial.

Stay tuned for my next post: An Occassion.

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