Sunday, June 12, 2011

An Occasion

Hey friends. I'm really happy that I get to write this post. Since I'm "The Baking Bride" I feel even more justified.  I've noticed that I focus more on the baking than the bride (or maybe it's just me) in part because I don't want to be that dreaded couple on Facebook spewing on and on about how "I love my Baby more.." and then on that post my "baby" gives his rebuttal about how he loves me more and it goes on forever and then people start "hiding" our posts and eventually "un-friend" me all together....

Well, if any of you have met me or my husband, you'll quickly see that's not close to us, and that's how we like it. Nevertheless, I don't want to go near that.  That being said, I would like to take this time and be just 30% mushy and stuff. I'm not throwing in the whole enchilada; just enough to get the love point across :)

So the "Occassion"- Well folks, last Sunday, June 5, we celebrated our 1st Wedding Anniversary!
"Hip hip... Hooray!!" I say that because apparently the 1st year is the hardest etc...

Anyway so here's what we did....

First, we slept in late on Saturday, because I really didn't know what Ben had planned. (this is what I wanted, to not plan anything and to just experience whatever.)

Then I asked if he wanted breakfast since I still wasn't sure what was going to happen. Then he said to get ready.

Then we got in the car and headed east on hwy 82... I was marginally disappointed since I wanted to go to Memphis, this would include driving West on 82. I voice my small concern. Then he said, 'We ARE going to Memphis, isn't this the way?"

Yay Memphis!.. then I respectfully told him to turn around at the next exit. Then we drove to Memphis and almost sideswiped a huge truck with my new car in Winona. "BEN, pay attention!"  (I yelled, this shows we're a real couple and we are open like this in times of stress.) Haha 

So we find our way through Memphis to the Zoo! here are some things we saw:

I liked the Big Cat exhibit the best.

We then found our way to Beale Street for dinner and saw the nice creepy man soliciting parking spots get arrested. Good Times.
We ate and drove home.

Sunday: June 5, was our actual anniversary. So we wanted to continue the celebration.  We sort of ran out of things to do so we rearranged our living room furniture.
 Before Shots:

And after:
Then we had our delicious wedding cake..... I'm sad it's gone forever now.

The original... just imagine more flowers on top...... It's the best picture I can find right now.

It was so wonderful to remember our day! 

A short walk down memory lane?? Why not?

What an occasion to remember.

Love you Ben.

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