Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 10 Plus my funny husband

I feel pretty proud that I've kept up with my 100 Days Blog.... even though it's only day 10.  That's beside the point. Today's was a little harder for me to come up with, because it's hard to say what one thing is more important that all the rest. It was quite a good exercise in perspective. 

Day 10: A photo of my most treasured item.

Now, let me be honest. I had no idea what to choose, so I decided to confer with the husband. Today after work, while sitting in our living room, I asked... "Ben, what would you consider your most treasured item?" 
Without missing even a fraction of a second, or even looking up from his phone, he, in a very unanimated and monotone voice, answered: "you"
I promptly replied, "I'm not an item" to which he replied, "Oh." 
Still never looked up from the phone........ We're so in love 

Later I finally got a good answer out of him. If our apartment was burning, he would go after his guitar.

It is a very pretty guitar, and he's quite attached. And... he looks really hot playing it. Yes I just said that, I"m perfectly entitled to say my hubby looks hot. Thanks.

Now me! I guess I'll choose two things.
 First; my wedding set. It was my first instinct to pick.  I love my rings. They are gorgeous..

I'm pretty proud of this photo, look at it sparkle!
It meant so much to me that Ben (being incredibly frugal) would purchase the exact ring to my specifications. I also love what it stands for. Some people like to diminish the importance and meaning behind such a purchase by saying it's merely a "rock" and a marketing ploy... Blah blah... Pa-lease...
It is a beautiful way to claim a woman's word and heart.  I'll just stop there.

Secondly... My college degree.

Though it's only a piece of paper, and I could technically get the University to send another in the event of a fire, my education is something I treasure.  It can never be taken from me and it's invaluable to me. 


Now that that is all taken care of, let's all be honest and agree that tonight's episode of Glee was fantastic. 
And......... if you haven't been watching... Tuesday night's lineup on FOX is pretty great. Raising Hope and Traffic Light are both hilarious. Check them out.

Finally, the husband and I had a brief food fight with melted chocolate chips and strawberries. We had to clean his face to capture a good shot of him holding the guitar this evening.  Sadly that photo is not featured.

I really want a camera of better photo quality. You can all be in prayer about that. :)

That's it. I love you all! 
xoxo Sierra

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  1. I think it is awesome that Ben's most treasured "thing" is you!