Thursday, May 19, 2011

Impact? & a Pretty Girl

So, two days ago I was supposed to blog about something that has had a huge impact on my life recently. In all of my delightfull creativeness, I can come up with nothing that's interesting enough for me to blog about.. But the best I got is PLANNING. I've been very inspired lately to start planning for the future.

Por ejemplo: I made a list today of all of our expenses to see if we are able to afford a new vehicle for myself and to see where we can start saving more money. It's sort of fun since it's a challenge. We'll see how we do. I'm already planning my sister's AMAZING baby shower. I'm going all out.. I just can't help myself.

Other than that, I'd like to skip on to Day 18, a more visual day and show you guys a photo of a lovely lady. She is famous, she is pretty, and what I'm most jealous of is that she can wear any hairstyle and look great.
 I give you... Diana Agron
She's on Glee and probably has other things as part of her career but who knows. I think she's pretty all the time.

 Diana Agron: Classic girl next door pretty

 Diana Agron: Slightly vintage/edgy pretty.

 Diana Agron: Covergirl Pretty

Diana Agron: Jackie O kinda pretty... 

 Diana Agron: Sophisticated, classy pretty.

Way to be pretty gurl!!!

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