Sunday, May 15, 2011

Love and Hate

Unfortunately, has been down for almost two days, so this is my first opportunity to get this written down.  I also am incapable of choosing just one of anything minus a few exceptions...
So for days 11 & 12 I'm supposed to post photos of something I hate and something I love. Well, get ready, I'm in no mood to start being all "choosy" now, so you get the whole lot :)

*Disclaimer- please don't get all PC or whatever if I happen to list a person in either category.... If I say I "hate" them, in this context it merely means I very much dislike/disrespect one's work, attitude, etc; not that I hate this person as a whole. I don't believe in feeling that way towards anyone.*

Now, here goes...

Food: Cilantro.... I can stomach it in some salsa... but I'd like it to be out of my life.

Animal: Squirrels...... Legitimate irrational fear.. This photo I found in the Animal's Natural State files... Believe it.

TV Show: Two and a Half Men.... I'm so glad they're replacing Charles. Hopefully now the show will be able to write some original jokes that consist of more that just crude sex gestures.

Month: January. I had to think about this one. I've decided that, since I do not have a birthday, nor did I get married in January, it's ok that I have no emotional ties to this month and can hate it. Think about it, it's the farthest month from Christmas, it's the coldest of the year, everything is dead in Jan. and it's basically the "Monday" of the whole year.... it's not til about April that we get to like Tuesday... Does that make sense?? It does to me...
Injustice... I don't have a category for this one, but I hate all sorts of injustice. I don't know what else to really even say about it. It would probably be a bigger soap box rant than any of you care to read right now..

Artist: If you can even call him that... Ahh, Mr. West. How I love to hate you. **Not as a person, of course.
I just really can't stand anything he does. I've never been a fan of people who are always a self righteous victim of nonsense.... He's gross. that's all.

 Sports team:  New England Patriots, How do I loath thee? Let me count the ways.....
I can't even talk about how much I hate this team... They are pretentious cheaters with an obnoxious coach who has not even enough sense to dress himself. 
Yes, I hate this team.

Now, on to the things I love!!!!

Brownies: Best food ever? I think yes.

How I love you Indy!!! 
I call this one.. "Manning calls Brady a pansy and a cheater"

Month: Clearly, October must win. Best weather, football season, beautiful colors in nature, my birthday, pumpkins, happiness, love. It all is because of October. You're the best, October, you're the best!

I also really love Ben. Enough to marry him in fact :)

Well that's all for now. I still have a lot of catching up to do!! I"m still like 2 days behind.
Alas, I love you guys to pieces.

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