Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Few Ways to be an Awesome Sister (PART 1)

Stay with me, there is a lot of ground to cover!

If you keep up with me here on The Baking Bride, you will remember that I told you I was going to be giving my sister a baby shower. Well, it happened this past Saturday.  I have been planning this thing since April. "Why?", you ask, would I plan one little shower for 6 months?? "I mean, let's be real Sierra, we know people who have planned a wedding in less time."

I say: 'Tis true... I take forever to plan things and like to put lots of thought into things. AND, I really owed my sister who did tons for me when I got married last year. So, I started in April. Don't hate."

In May, I got a fantastic idea! Our other sister lives in a far away land called Illinois, therefore we rearely see her. In fact, we had not seen each other since my wedding on June 5, 2010. The shower was held on September 24, 2011... You do the math.. We were long over due for some sister hugs. Anyway... my idea. So I called B (sister in IL) and asked her: "If I buy you a plane ticket, will you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fly to Mississippi to surprise D (sister who is prego) for her shower??? But you have to keep it a secret!!!  You'll be the biggest gift, along with the shower I'm throwing. All you have to do is show up!!"  She accepted, thus commencing my 4-month quest to keep this plan hidden in the bushes of life so she wouldn't suspect. This was no easy feat.

I've never lied to so many people for so long in my life! I kept having to come up with excuses as to why the date of the shower was set in stone even though I didn't have invitations yet etc... Afterall, the plane ticket was non-refundable and purchases in early June. There was no backing out. So I kept on planning and kept on, coming across only a few hiccups in the road.

Finally, September arrived!! Only 22 more days until B arrives! I have soooo much to do! Then September 22 came and then the crazy exhausting weekend started. I'll take you from the beginning!

I took a half day off of work on Thursday to drive to Jackson to pick B up from the airport. (I had to leave no evidence behind, so I couldn't even leave an auto-reply on my work email for the fear of D emailing me and realizing that I was not at work when I should be.) I had to think of everything...

I was SOOOO excited B was coming! I only had to wait in the airport for a few minutes. I really hope the person on the other side of the camera behind me didn't think I was a creeper...

She's here!!
We only have a day and a half to get everything ready! we spent the next 48 hours or so collecting items and shopping. B got to come to Starkville and finally see where I live and see campus of MSU (HAIL STATE!) Sorry, i just had to throw it in there.

Here we are at my house (in Starkville) sneakily planning and posing :)

On Friday night, we all met for family dinner. This was the big debut! Remember, D has NO IDEA B is in town.  :)

Here's Dad. he's so in on this from the beginning.

THE PLAN:  Go to the restaurant and wait for D and Mom to arrive.  Hide B.  When they arrive, order drinks. (all things normal)  THEN, when the drinks come out, who's carrying them?? Well, it's not William the Waiter! No sir'ee!  It's B!!!

Shock. Utter shock. SUCCESS!

D, you're gonna hate me for this....
Straight to ugly-cry once she realizes what's going on. The face ain't pretty, but the emotion is beautiful.

Totally worth all the secrecy..

Then we calmed down and had dinner like normal folks. The restaurant ceased to be a place of my amusement and the steaks were abounding. After dinner, B and I still had a ton of work to do in preparation for the next morning.  Though I felt terrible, we had to pretty much leave D at her house all alone so we could get everything done.

But not before taking advantage of a photo-op!

Now, stay tuned... Part 2 is on the way. Like I said so much ground to cover!!

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