Monday, September 19, 2011

A little one is on Her way!

I know what you're thinking.....

Don't get your hopes up... I am NOT with child. I am writing you today because I realized over the weekend that I have't told you all about my sisters exciting news!! Yes, I'm going to be an aunt for the... ah hem.... 4th time now. I LOVE being an aunt. I'm convinced that it's one of the greatest familiar roles.

Here are my reasons:
1. I do not have to be pregnant
2. I do not have to birth a child
3. I do not have to wake up 19 times during the night 
4. I get to hold and love on and give gifts to the baby.... Then give it back to mom and dad.
5. I do not have to birth a child. Did I already say that??
6. I can spank the child and it won't magically hate me when it turns 13..
7. Basically, I get all the fun and no work (WHILE I'm STILL YOUNG)= Better than a grandparent role.  

I can't even stress how excited we are for Baby Alice Katherine! This weekend I got to go down to Laurel and help DeeAnn (sister/mommy-to-be) with the nursery. This is a sneak peak.

 Below, please notice my crazy talent/ability to tie a bow with tulle making a plain window treatment even awesomer. Yes, I said awesomer.
Here are a few views of the crib. There is also a diaper bag with "Alice" on it.

Birds and trees are so "in" right now with baby gear. So cute.
Here's the whole crib. Just precious. !Que linda!

Baby wardrobe is off to a good start considering she's only had one shower and this photo is dated.
Here's the other window with opposite treatment and changing table. We (they) still have a ways to go before November when baby finally comes!!

So that is your official sneak peak. Why do I call it a sneak peak?? Well, it just so happens that next weekend I am throwing my sister and future neice the most happenin' party that fetus has ever seen!

I've been planning this shower for months. yes, months. I owe my sister after all she did for me when I got married! Unfortunately for her, I was but a teenager when she tied the knot, so I was hardly as helpful as I am now with parties, planning events, and making a big to-do about things. So, you can just stay tuned for my post after this coming up weekend about that!

It's gonna be crazy good.

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