Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Let's Catch Up

Hey Y'all! It seems like no matter what stage of life you are in, the summertime is always the busiest!  I keep having the best intentions to blog and then life happens and I have zero time to make it happen.  However, this time I'll blame it on  the fact that my pictures were taken on my hub's phone and he just handed it over for me to get the pictures off of it...  So, I'll just talk about life the past few weeks.

First thing, our cousins are going to have a sweet little baby boy in just a couple of weeks!  I attended a shower for the mom-to-be and here are some snapshots

Here we are guessing (without measuring) how rotund Rachel's belly is

Aunt Pam was way off... Offensively way off! You know what they say, when life gives you a large waistline...
 Tie a bow around it????

 She got some precious gifts
But you can't see any of those gifts because I only thought to snap pictures while she reached into the bag. Photography is not my thing....
 Here I am with mommy Rachel, she is radiant.
There is a baby in there.. Particularly one name Jax, which is just precious.
Funny story:  A few nights back I had a dream that little Jax had been born and when I met him he had a crazy amount of hair.. Like legit Elvis type hair. I doubt that becomes a reality... but I'm just guessing.

After that weekend, was our sister's boyfriend's birthday.  I've tried to come up with a good title for him, BUT Boyfriend-in-Law just sounds weird.     I digress..... 

Meet Rob:
He's a Leo & UA fan... which is something I just have to live with given the family I married into. He's just like the rest of them..

Katie made Rob a cake. Katie is neither chef nor baker. She's only sustained one major injury while cooking and I only say this to give her major kudos for turning out such a delightful cake with writing and all. It was yummy! Good job, Katie! I expect a cake for my birthday...
See Rob hold his cake.

This is me being slightly frustrated but unable to stop my laughter at my husband's inability to make a "funny face"

Katie and Rob. Yes, he is giant.

Since then, we've also been through a terribly slow moving tropical storm who was a punk compared to Katrina, so it was no biggie... Except for the fact that it ruined all chances of laying by the pool all 3 days of the wet Labor Day weekend. Boo.

I've got some exciting things coming up, so I'll do better at keeping you informed. Also, my latest baking trend is coming your way. Lastly, notice the carousel widget located at the top of my page. I'll be rolling out a new feature on my blog soon to review books I'm reading. It'll be fun, promise.

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