Friday, September 16, 2011

Hail State! At least the tailgate was fun..

I love Football. (see how I capitalize it as an honorific...)  Anyway, I don't believe in being a "Fair Weather Fan" in the sense of only being a fan when the team has an extraordinary winning record. I DO believe in being loyal to your own School and not routing against them just because you happen to have been a fan of another school that you just happened NOT to go to.  I married one of these people. Though Ben loves the Bulldogs... they are not his first love.  But, it sure is easier to route for a team with 13 National Championships under their belt. That's quite a soap box of mine, but since my entire In-Law Family are UA fans, I guess I will get over it.  But I'll be true to myself and just stick with MSU and be loyal no matter what.


We didn't get tickets to this game so we set up shop in view of the Jumbo Tron screen. The view was actually much closer and clearer than this photo eludes..

I have to give mad props to our friends Josh and Kathleen who were the heroes of the tent location stake-out.  I managed to not get a decent photo of them, but I'll snag one eventually. Until then, !Gracias Guys!
Here is MoW from the Wave Ride. You can't really tell from this shot but we are litterally on the edge of a wall watching the game.  You can see the guy in the back standing next to a similar wall.
Here's our favorite little Bulldawg fan, T.  He was all about them Bulldogs and got very excited with each score (taking cues from the adults as we yelled and cheered)  According to his mom, he apparently fits right in high-fiving all the other grown up fans who may or may not have had a little too much to drink pre-game, saying: "Go Booldawgs!"

Ring it proud!!

T is a magnet towards any sort of technology... Namely, iPhones...

Here is part of our little food table, Heather (T's mom) and MoW again. We had bountiful amounts of dips and chips... And chips dipped in chocolate... Good times.

Also, please note the absense of Husband. He was off surveying Gopher Tortoise habitat in the bayou. Cool right???
This, boys and girls, is my football glamour shot lookin' like the Greek Goddess of Snuggies ringing my bell!

My dear friend Missie stopped by to say "Hello!" and have a cupcake during the game. I look so giant next to so many of my less lengthier friends... Lengthier (is that a word???) Either way, I still love all of my short(-er-than-me) friends.

^Also another shot of all of our dips and cupcakes..^

 This was the White Out game. A little shot I snagged over a building...
If I had a better camera, you could see Will Farrel on the screen asking for MORE COWBELL!!

In the end we lost the game,(at least we're not TSUN) BUT we had a great time in the atmosphere created by SEC Football in September!  AND we didn't have to sit in the stadium for 2 hours before the game to get the seats we wanted. We will relish the ability to watch the game like this because after they Horseshoe the stadium in, you won't be able to see the screen anymore. And then we'll be the old people who talk about the "good ole days" when you could sit outside to watch the game...

Until the next game....



  1. so that shot of my t man looking like a 3 foot tall grown up almost made me cry... so sad i'm missing him grow!!
    Can't wait until the Oct. 15 game... please tell me there is going to be a tail gate then!!

  2. I can sympathize with in-laws are UA fans too! Husband cheers for UA and it drives me nuts!