Friday, October 7, 2011

A Beautiful Day- Congratulations Keith and Jeanna!

I mentioned in my last post that Ben and I would be heading south for a wedding this past weekend.  Well, we did.  I'm here today to tell you a little about it.  I do have a couple of pictures, but the sad part of the story is... I forgot to include my memory stick in the camera, thus limiting myself to 8 photos. Tragedy.  The happy news is, the lovely couple did, in fact, still "tie the knot" (literally) in spite of the absence of my camera's memory device. I'll go ahead and show you the 8 photos :) Along with some commentary of course...

The happy couple consisted of Ben's first cousin and his bride.  Keith and Jeanna (as in Gina...not to be confused with Jenna)  Moving on... Everything about this wedding was beautiful! I wish I had more to show you.

 This is the view from our Aunt & Uncle's (Groom's parents) condo balcony. Look across the road and you can see where the wedding took place right over the boardwalk.

 There is Hubs on the end looking off to the side pondering the mysteries of love and life, I'm sure.  Or, there might have been a cool shadow over there.. Who knows?  Also, two guys over is another cousin of ours Jonathan. He just happens to be a new dad, I told you about his wife and their little boy in another post. He's the one looking at Ben looking at the weird might-be shadow. I guess our family doesn't do well at paying attention. 

Straighten up boys, Here comes the Bride!!
 I really hate I caught her in a shadow here, because her dress was just stunning. The material as well as the embellishments on the waist sparkled like crazy any time they got near a ray of sunshine. 

Before you look at this next one, let me fill you in on why I said they "literally" tied the knot.  Well, in their ceremony, the minister had them tie a knot around their hands which were placed on top of one another. I wish I had a shot of this, but I would have had to stand to do it, and I'm not about interruptions during a wedding. I'd hate to be mistaken for the girl who was "speaking now"...  It was a really special moment and a sentiment they can repeat every year!

You're now Keith and Jeanna McNeill!! The Kiss!

 Then we walked back across to the Portofino resort for the reception. I selfishly used two of my shot to phoot myself and hubs... What can I say?

Right before sunset, it was so beautiful there with the bay right behind us and the beach on the other side!

I'm pretty proud of this shot. I managed to snap it without a fancy camera. Just a girl and her Easy Share.
 I got the sunset shot standing on the dance floor before things got going. The pool at the edge of the dance floor made a really nice atmosphere.

Lastly, I managed to get Ben to dance with his mom. This made me even happier than getting him to dance with me.
Unfortunately, they knew I was taking a picture and then looked very posed, and honestly, awkward.  Maybe I should send it in to Awkward Family Photos site.... Idea.

Well, that's all 8 pictures... 

Since I didn't get a photo of the ACTUAL couple getting married, here's one I snuck off FB, BUT I'm giving credit to the awesome photographers. To see more click here.

Congratulations, Keith and Jeanna! It was really a beautiful day!
October 1, 2011  Pensacola Beach, FL

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