Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Me and the Colts.. we go way back.

If you are my amigo(a) on Facebook, you may or may not have seen a few days back where I posted that I do, in fact, Have The best. Friends. Ever.  Well let me explain why.  My friends know me and they know what I love. When it comes to football, I love the Colts. Not because I'm from Indiana (which I'm not) or because I'm distantly related to the Mannings (which I'm not)... I just love them because I chose them as my team way back in middle school or something. AND I am no fair weather fan! (0-6 season...)   Yeah, we've been a really solid team for years now and this is a really really bad year. Doesn't matter: they are my team. I love them still. (Maybe with the exception of Curtis Painter, he just makes me angry).  Now, I knew before this season ever started that the Colts would be playing just 4 hours from me in New Orleans in October. But, there was no way I was going to be able to buy tickets... The "cheaper" tickets online still cost over $200 each. It just wasn't happening.  My sister told me about a pair she could get me back a couple months ago, but that set was $500.  Again, not happening.  So, I resigned myself to the notion of ever getting to go to this game..

That was until the week of the game, my dear friend Chelsea asked me if I could come down to New Orleans the weekend of the game.  (Chelsea lives in Slidell now, just about 20 minutes outside the city.)  She told me she knew a season ticket holder with 2 extra tickets for this game.  I quickly asked, "how much??" to which she responded, "Doesn't matter.. can you come?"  :)    Yes!   She said "Happy Birthday!"   

Best. Friends. Ever.

The Following pictures are a record of our experience at the game. 

Getting ready to hit the road!
 Almost to the city

See there it is.
 I stuck out in the crowd pretty good...

 Best seat in the house!  ;)
 Curtis Painter running back into the locker room.. Why do you ahve to be so terrible, Paiter?? WHY!?
 At least the hotdogs had the right idea!!!
 Ben would not wear his nice Cobalt Blue polo... Sell out...
 Peyton is in this one.  45 Yd Line. Jeans. Blue Hat. I was so star struck. For real.
 The Saints' grand entrance.  They put on a pretty good show.

 Coin Toss.
 Southern Univ. Band being Patriotic before gametime

 Saints Backwards.
 We... excuse me... I was totally outnumbered of course, but I still had a great time.  Well, except for the whole record-setting loss thing... I still got to see some of my favorite guys play in real life.  It will be better next year.

Can I also just say that those Saints fans have just completely lost their minds! They are so much fun at a game.  And not one of them threw jumbalaya at my face :)
 Superdome lit up at night.

Ok, so that was such a fun night that I got to spend with my husband in New Orleans. All because of a great friend who is completely selfless and loves to bring joy to her friends and those around her. If only the rest of the world were as thoughtful!  Love you Chels!!!

Stay tuned as I bring you the rest of our weekend in blog form! 

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