Sunday, March 13, 2011

A very small taste of Spring Break

Now that I'm all grown and am forced to live in the 'real world', I've had to settle into a few differences.  One of the biggest has been going from a student to full-time employee.  The greatest change has been from Bride to Wife (see former post)  The point is, I'm no longer a student which means I don't get a Spring Break anymore.  This year is the first since I was 5 years old.  So, it's a little weird. 

This weekend was the first weekend the Husband and I have had coordinating schedules and been able to spend some quality tiempo together.  I decided to be awesome and do whatever He decided would be fun... (this is significant because we have vastly differing opinions of what constitutes as time well spent). We decided to make the whole weekend a date.  Starting with dinner and a movie, but Saturday was His day to plan our fun... The following is what occurred:

 Husband decided to have a picnic in McKee Park, so providing the food was up to him.  I decided to document the experience.  

 On our way out with everything ready.  Husband was super excited and I decided to look excited.  I know what you're thinking.  "Wow I'd love to go on a picnic by choice of my husband... that's so romantic etc... etc.. blah.. blah.. blah. "--- Don't get me wrong, I love spending time with the husband, but I'm just not the outdoorsy kinda girl... 

We are now at the park and Husband is now doing his Biblical duties by keeping me safe by checking for wasps under the cement picnic table... Or it could be the fact that he's a Forester... Either way, yay for safety.

                                      Our delightful picnic just before we dove in....

Aren't we precious.  Look how happy I look outside and all... (I really was happy, I can't help it when I know Hubs is so happy too)

This is NOT a picture of a tree...  It is, in fact, a picture of 4 Asians playing tennis; however, you cannot see them or their giant bucket of tennis balls, complete with a stand.  They were pretty hardcore.

 Next we went to play Disc Golf on campus.  Here we are walking to the first Hole... Unlike my husband, I am not a goat and decided to walk where the ground was flat, saving my ankles.

 I'm pretty terrible at Disc Golf, but I can fool you with my photography.  For example, I got this pink frisbee in from 30 yards out... That's a lie, but you couldn't know that from this photo.. The truth is, Ben putted it in from 10 feet or so.  

 While walking to hole 4.. I thought, "Hey, we should go see Dan the Man.... You're right husband, it's Saturday and he's probably not in his office at this time..."  Onward..

 Here's the husband carrying all his discs in a very professional Disc Golf bag.. Compliments of my dad at Christmas.  

Unfortunately, my camera died just before I got the rest of our day.  It included lots of sleeping ducks, Husband stepping into the lake we were next to in order to rescue his stray disc... 

Also not photographed:  Giant Mugshot burgers from Saturday night, our cleaning experience over the weekend, Sonic, and our love and companionship that is continuing to grow :)  Don't you love the sappy love stuff?? 

Well, now you've seen into our lives just a little.  The only thing that could have made this weekend better would have been getting to spend some time with my KA... I'll get back to you love. 

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