Monday, March 7, 2011

Meet Sierra....... "Oh, the Runner?"

Well here it is... My official "First 5K" blog.  And just look.. it's only a week and 2 days late... Sorry people, I don't own an iPhone..  (Side note, my PC did not recognize the word iPhone)  Irony.

Anyway, one week ago I completed my first 5K down in Mobile, AL.  It was a great day that started at 5 AM.  Commitment. I was pretty nervous all morning, but decided, Heck I've already spent $23 on this thing. Better follow through.  Ok I wasn't that casual about everything but I decided to have fun with it.. So, we arrived JUST in time to get signed up and use the port-a-jon and get my bib.  

Yes, I look pretty terrible, but I'm pumped. This is just before the rockin' warm-up we did.

        Here I am... warming up... My apologies for the awkward guy putting on his D-O or possibly scratching... No one can know.

 Here we are at the starting line. Yes, I say 'WE' because this lady in front of me apparently thinks Ben is taking her photo... But, I can't blame her, she totally schooled me. She's hardcore. I'll call her Lucille Ball. That's what she makes me think of. I also like her, because she makes me look skinny in this photo.  Rock on, Lucille, rock on.

 Here I am 42 minutes later feeling like a rock star.  A rock star that walked some in the middle and might have had a brief convo with the nice Girl Scout Sponsor handing out water... I digress..  I finished and that is what mattered.

 So, I promptly headed for a delightful bottle of water.  And we headed back to Frutidale.  It was a pretty normal day after that, except for the fact that I accomplished something I had never done in my life.  Success. :)

Also, in case you were wondering what my lovely in-laws and husband were doing while I was puffing it around the park... here is a snap shot of there exerting morning...

 Ducks...... whatever. these ducks did not run 3.1 miles..... I win

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  1. Great Job Sis!!! We're all very proud of you!!!