Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A First for Everything

Hay Y'all! I'm getting geared up and ready for this weekend; which is going to start tonight.. I've got my very first big event to bake for!! Aside from the birthday party I made cupcakes for last summer.. Elmo is a big hit to 2-year-olds if you didn't already know ;)  Anyway, I've got a wedding shower this weekend for which they are planning for around 150 people. Yikes, that is pressure.
I'm going to be baking 6 stacked rounds (3 Champagne cake with White-choc butter cream and 3 Butter Pecan Cakes with Cream cheese icing and Praline garnishes) along with 4-5 pans of Pink Lemonade bars. I'm super excited and a little nervous too. I want them to look perfect. I'm going to try a new icing technique that I'm really looking forward to. So I just wanted to let everyone know to be on the lookout for my post coming next week about this experience.

Also, I'm excited about another event this weekend. My best friend Danny (Danielle) is getting married in June and a friend of mine is going to be taking her engagement shots this weekend! Isn't that fun? I'll be sure to give you the details of that and maybe a few sneak peeks if she and the photographer will allow it! I'm feeling all nostalgic now.. Here's a picture of me and Danny from several several years back on our way to prom :) We were both way too blonde for our own good... And apparently really into pastels..


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