Monday, April 25, 2011

Katie turns 21!!!!

I know this is quite late and I'm way behind.  My sister-in-law, Katie, turned 21 on March 30 this year :)   We began planning in October to celebrate this event.  The following photos are a small piece of the fun we had in Biloxi that weekend.  

Here I am, the Baking Bride in the flesh looking quite serene, yet surprised at the same time...

  Here are the rockin' shoes on Katie's feet.  She was about 8 feet tall after putting them on.

 Birthday girl is in the middle along with Lauren, my other sister-in-law. They are just lovely!

                  Mom-in-Law, Amy and Aunts Pam and Ginger.  They are 3 tons of fun.

 This is our table, AFTER they removed about 70% of it contents.  But the fun part was this nice man who decided to pay for 6 women's dinner at the Beau Revage.   We are forever in your debt, man-who-we-don't-know-why-you-paid-for-us.... Oh wait, it was Aunt Pam's hiney...

      Our shoes didn't make it all the way through the night.  Off to the Hard Rock!

                                                          Wanna take a ride???


                                                     Aunt Pam on the dance floor.

And, Aunt Pam wraps up the evening by pretending to use the bathroom in the fountain.  



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