Tuesday, February 15, 2011

If my KitchenAid was a book, I wouldn't be able to put it down..

A KitchenAid will  change your life.  Don't believe me?... Try one and you will see.  I hardly ever considered myself a cook or connosseur of anything culinary.. That is.. until I met my KA.  Looking back, it was a whirlwind love story that has since changed my life.  I know that might sound crazy, but one spin of the baking paddle and I was hooked.  Maybe it's because I'm incredibly prone to staining myself and I no longer have to hold the mixing bowl to my belly while my aching forearm whisks the batter free of clumps... Perhaps it's because I can literally do two things at once, boosting my productivity in the kitchen by at least 50%. Who knows?  Either way, I love it and I would would own three more if I could afford it.  

                         Maybe my dream kitchen full of KA products....
So the part where it changes my life..... right. I think one of the first things I baked was a birthday cake for my Dearest last summer only a short month after our wedding.  It was in the same month that I decided it would be awesome to open a bakery.  It almost came out of nowhere, but I was so hooked on the KA that I was quite obsessed with the idea.  I began to share the idea and one of my best good friends, ChelseaLou, began to see my vision too.  It wasn't until this past Christmas break that the Lord allowed our dreams to see some reality.  I won't spill the frijoles just yet, but it's going to be so much fun once we can get the ball rolling.  My KA has taught me several life lessons, one being that doing something you love will be more fulfilling than simply working to make a buck.

What's even cooler.... God made me to love baking and everything about it.  He made me to have a heart for women who hurt and to long to work with them and show them Love.  He gave me a great friend with a similar vision and a HUGE heart for children. Now put those two together....reach for it, it's quite a stretch...... bang... my KitchenAid... I mean awesomeness.  Could the Lord have made me to love something and then given me a vision to use it for His Glory???  Something that I can only be happy if I'm doing it to serve Him... something that is within my DNA so to speak, knowing that, one day, I would pursue and fulfill this wonderful gift of a calling???

Of course He did. That's one of the coolest ways God works.  I also MUST mention that I find no coincidence in the fact that my G-Norma (the most rockin' grandmother this world has ever seen)  happened to give me my KA for my wedding.  By "the most rockin' grandmother this world has ever seen" I mean spritual giantess who has taught me, through her life, what it means to truly serve the Lord and humble yourself to hold an entire extended family together.  I have no doubt that God threw that in for good measure.  How could I not expect that I would be so blessed as to have my calling revealed to me through my G-Norma in a way.
    Here we are in G-Norma's very kitchen. It's quite a magical place... 
So I'll conclude here.  I love my KA and my GNorma. They have both been pivital in me discovering love and life.  And yes, if my KitchenAid were a book, I couldn't put it down.. Im sure of it.

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  1. I completely and wholeheartedly agree with you! Thanks so much for sharing your link on the My Baking Addiction Facebook page!