Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Off the map

Hello blog world. I'm writing this as an apology that I've been living the title of the post. I have completely been off the map it seems.  Since my last post, ahem, nearly 6 months ago, a lot has happened...

In May, we closed on and moved into our first home! We were so excited and are really enjoying having a place to put holes in any walls we choose! I would venture to say that the house is the main reason I haven't spent much time blogging. Moving at the beginning of summer tends to take up a lot of time! Additionally, there has been far too much drama in the world of late that I just didn't want to jump in on all the hype. If you know me, you know I have very strong emotions and opinions about what is going on in the world, but it seems as if everyone else's emotions were enough for me to keep mine to myself. So, I proactively kept my keyboard shut, if you will... So, for now, we'll settle for a quick update on life from May until September 2012.

In June, my best friend got married :)  It was in Hawaii, which made it impossible not to pass up. Plus, I was MOH and it was the day after mine and my husband's second wedding anniversary! Double trip. You deserve to see a glimpse...

                           The view from our hotel room           The view from the wedding site

 On the way!  

Now, don't get me wrong. It wasn't all fun and games....There were some hard parts. I mean, it was hard fighting that Pacific breeze while trying to look pretty for the wedding. 

 Nah, it was a pretty fantastic day.

 The beautiful bride!!

Finally hitched!! Danny is now living across the pond with her new husband. I miss her like crazy, but I know it's totally what's best. I'm really keeping my fingers crossed that I can go visit sometime next year.

Fast forward a little....

Who wouldn't enjoy a little tropical refreshment??

Fast forward a little more... 
 A little sight seeing...

Hunky hubs :)

That was a little more than a glimpse, but I just couldn't resist!  Later in June, I spent the week at the beach with my family-in-law, minus my actual link to that family. Ben hates the beach. Crazy.

I just so happened to find this shot from my time at the beach with the family... I'll let you take a peek..No time to explain, just go with it.

I was also wounded in the water. Feel sorry for me.

July was a total blurr... except that my dearest of friends finally made it back to North MS! Welcome home Chels!!!!!!!!

Also, we added two members to our little family.

                                                                   Lola                  &                    Lucy

Lola fits right in... 

In August, school started back, so work picked up, but it feels like it's just getting started.  MSU is currently 3-0 HAIL STATE!!
My gorgeous sister-in-law, Lauren, got engaged in August, and we had a great time dress shopping last weekend. I can't show pictures, for obvious reasons, but I guarantee, she's going to look stunning!!! More to come on that front. I'm considering creating a whole new section of this blog just for the weddings I attend. I am the baking BRIDE after all, so it's only fitting that I tell you about all the other brides I join for their days, right?

Well, you've been caught up to speed (very quickly) on the past few months or so in our lives. If you've made it this far into the post, thanks for finding me that interesting. Perhaps I'll even break under the pressure and write some emotional post based on various bait in the news.... Also, some recipes to come. I've really fallen short on that end. I'll bake you all something delicious this weekend, promise!


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  1. Like always, loved your blog and I totally miss you! Love you long and hard C