Thursday, February 2, 2012

House Hunters Starkville

Can I just tell you  how frustrated I am..... Also excited, but I'll get to that.  I started this post on Tuesday after Ben and I went to look at a house. We've been searching for a place to call our own for months now.. Almost a year now. It really boggles my mind how high the market is here. I guess it shouldn't... The University  drives up the prices here and our Realtor says this is the first time in over 20 years that Starkville has been a "buyer's market."  That being said... it's really hard for a young couple just out of college to afford to buy a house.  The issue is that we pay more than some pay for a mortgage in rent each month for a 2bed 1bath apartment. Plus, we're working on 2 years of marriage and we want to stay in the area. We feel it's the right time to look.

We started last Spring and we've been looking off and on since then. We've been inside to tour at least 10-15 houses.  If you haven't ever done this, just get ready.       It. Is. Exhausting.  There are so many decisions to make and it is stressful.  Here are some of the houses we've looked at.

This one we  I really like.  Cute, cozy. Problem: Tiny yard big price.

Eh.... This one had a scary basement laundry situation... Weird layout.

This one we both fell in love with. Can't you just see it at Christmas time?  Out in the country with lights all around the porch???  We put an offer in, it was accepted. It was going to be home.  Then we found some foundation issues and it just didn't feel right. We had to withdraw.  I began to get frustrated.  Also, since then the price has dropped 24K below our offer.  I call that the Lord looking out for us.  So we moved on. 

We've looked at a few others since. I don't have pictures of them since they are off the market now (I think)

Then we went to look at this one on Tuesday. It was sort of my breaking point.
What you can't see from this picture is the pond in the backyard. Like legit little fishing pond on nearly 3 acres.  Ben was thrilled. I wanted to cry. The house had the STRANGEST layout and the "remodeling" that was done really looked like a coat of paint and some new carpet in my opinion. I was just so frustrated and overwhelmed with the whole thing.  I watch the market online pretty much daily, so I know the market here as well as any. I felt like there was just no option for us right now. Then we have to keep thinking about a lease at the apartment and all of that.

I got all mopey and emotional about it and downright negative if I'm honest.  I felt bad that Ben liked it and I didn't and just started to feel guilty that he was willing to give up what he wanted most (land/space) as long as I got what I want (pretty house inside).  I have really come to see that house hunting can make or break a relationship. Or, at minimum, define or stress the relationship.  I've been so blessed going through this with Ben. He's been so positive and supportive and he truly wants me to have a house that I love.  He just loves me that way! :)  

My point is, I just needed to rant about this a little.  I've been so angry with the market here. There are so many houses for sale, but they are all around 170K or above (usually way above).  The ones under are few and far between and usually need some work even just cosmetically.  I've felt like it was unfair and I was happy being a baby about it. But, the Lord with provide us with a home. I know that to be true... And when it happens it'll be awesome and we'll know it was Him working for our good all along.

Now to the excited part... There is one I have my eye on. It's fresh on the market. My hopes are pretty way-too-high-for-my-own-good. We're going to look at it soon. I'll keep you posted! 


  1. Hang in there, before long, you'll be in your house and making those payments...and you will barely remember this God has a house in mind for you....just keep looking and loving... :)

  2. We ran into the same problems and ultimately blew a hunk of change on an appraisal before the deal fell through. Once again since then we've seen the Provider's hand with our recent decisions. If we had bought that house, Brandon probably wouldn't have taken this job! It's frustrating but He'll handle it!'