Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A new little baby-sized life

As usual, I'm about one week behind what I'm here to talk to you about.  it's how I roll.  In my last post, I was just gushing with excitement over my newest niece to make her way into the world.  I was on my way down to Laurel to welcome her myself.  I promised you an account of the events so I'm here to fulfill that promise!

First, my sister met her,now, husband. Then, they fell in love. Then they got married.  Skipping forward, we are about to get a baby. 
I arrived at the hospital a hasty 12 hours before the baby decided to come. Fail.  I was all in a hurry, even though people kept telling me that it would take a long time and I shouldn't rush.  Well, if you know me, you know being late for something stresses me out 100% so I rushed.  Then waited for 12 hours.

here we are waiting.

This continued for a Loooooong time. I'm sure it felt longer for DeeAnn.
Around 8:15 the doctor finally decided that it was time for a C Section lest we risk pushing and endangering the baby and mama.

Drew was pumped and ready to go into the OR.

Unfortunatley, my sister is basically immuned to any type of pain meds so they had to put her  completely under to perform the section, so Drew had to wait in the hospital room.

The rest of the family waited (im)patiently at the nursery to see our baby Alice Kathering for the first time.

Oh my, she was huge.

10 lbs 2 oz & 22 1/2 in long!

Of course everyone wanted to cuddle and snuggle her to pieces... We're hoping she wasn't instantly spoiled to all that cuddling.  (I secretly don't care) ;)

This is my dad (AKA: Grand-Dad) holding his first grandbaby for the first time.  He was over the moon.
Drew's sister getting a snuggle :)

People keep saying I look like a natural... = When are you going to have a baby????

I say, being an aunt rocks.  I'll stick to that for a while!

Alice's sweet little angry sleep face. This photo also features her too-small mittens.  She's starting life out in a 3 month onesie.  word.

 Such a precious girl!

Welcome to the world, Alice Katherine! We're so glad you're here!  Now, I've got to figure out the schedule thing... a 185 mile drive stinks when that's what it takes to hold this little girl.

"AK, Aunt SieSie loves you" :)

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